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I am a multi-media artist, but predominantly I work with oil on canvas.  Oil paints respond well to the process I use to express my realistic images on a blank canvas.  I love colors and I almost always use a full color palette.  I also enjoy painting murals and creating sculptures.


My approach to painting is to capture nature in a moment of time.  I usually paint what impresses me in my everyday life from my trips to different places, including my backyard, and the beach.  I pay particular attention to reflections in water, the contrast between light and shadow, facial expressions, and gentle movements. 


My work is influenced by my Greek heritage, the Neoclassical design, the beauty of nature, and the facial features of people.  My philosophy is to make art by treating the environment and other human beings with consideration and justice.   



Currently, I am a freelance and a commisioned artist.    As a member of The Artists' Registry I have been able to exhibit my art at  juried exhibitions in Orlando and online at Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery www.LightSpaceTime.com having received various awards .

P.S. I'm also known by my married name, Vicky Pizza.




Master of Art: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Bachelor of Art: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Bachelor of Art: Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ

Sheffield School of Interior Design, New York, NY

Associate of Science: Essex County College, Newark, NJ




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